Monday, May 18, 2015


Well no one sang the National Anthem and no one threw out a first pitch. but I would have to say that opening day at the Williams Street Community Garden was a grand slam!!  Things really started Friday afternoon when Valerie Bloss, Volunteer Director at WCI, came by to drop off over 150 seedlings of veggies, fruits and flowers. I met her along with facility and EVS staff, all of whom could not be more eager to help. We placed the seedlings in the garden, gave them all a nice drink and told them they would be in their new homes in the morning!!

I was very worried about the weather for Saturday (how about that...I'm already thinking like a farmer! LOL!!). At first it was an 80% chance of rain but we got lucky and the day dawned clear and cool, but that changed mighty fast and by 8 am it was sunny and things were starting to heat up. Tara and I were at the garden to meet those who had signed up for plots. Tara did an excellent job assigning plots, keeping track of keys and staying in touch with all of our gardeners.  She also got a lot of brownie points because she brought me some strawberries!  I mean I need to keep my strength up!!!

Most of the people who signed up for their plots came at some point between 8 in the morning and by noon we were just about done. But let me tell you about those 4 amazing hours.

We had people from all walks of life and all ages too! We had 7 children who were enchanted with the tea cup and sugar bowl children's garden. We let them pick whatever they wanted to grow. So far the children have planted peas and carrots and a single flower!  And then two wondrous things happened.   Nidhi Jain, who is married to one of our local physicians, has joined our team and with her 9-year-old will be overseeing the children's garden. Nidhi already has made a couple of suggestions for the children's garden that we are going to incorporate in the next week that will enable the children to plant even more of a variety of seeds.

And our next wondrous occurrence came in the form of Sue Rudd, who works at AES. Sue has a plot that will have contributions to the food bank. But even better...turns out AES has a very finely developed social conscious. And they are always looking for ways to help the community. And so Sue's role among other things is to seek out these opportunities to help. So Sue has via AES offered to provide funding and manpower towards our next community garden!!! WOWZERS!!!! I just knew planting those 4 leaf clovers would come in handy!!

What a fantastic community with caring people here in Cumberland!!!

We also were lucky enough to have Sherry Frick here today and 4 Master Gardeners. They spent their time helping to guide the picking of plants and the actual planting of them in each individual's garden. The Master Gardeners will be back periodically on Saturdays and during the week to give help and suggestions.

And I made friends with a very inquisitive and beautiful gray cat. The cat was very curious about what was happening. But he only stayed long enough to say hi. And then went on home.

And home is where I am headed too. I may not dream of sugar plums when I go to sleep tonight, but I will be dreaming of the Roma tomatoes and purple peas we planted!!

Come by and see the garden!! You will be very impressed!!  Jo

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